Donald Sterling goes after NBA owners

NEW YORK (CNN) – What is Donald Sterling up to now?  The embattled L.A. Clippers co-owner is launching a no-holds-barred strategy in his battle with the national basketball association.

Sterling has hired an army of private investigators to find anything he can use against the other owners and the league.

He’s ready to unleash an even nastier fight

A person familiar with Donald Sterling’s legal strategy tells CNN: Sterling’s hired multiple private investigators to dig up dirt on other NBA owners, and the league itself.

The source says the investigators will look into several cases of alleged race and gender discrimination brought against the NBA dating back many years.

“Make no mistake about it; Donald Sterling has threatened mutually-assured destruction. He’s essentially said, if I’m going down, everybody else is going down with me,” Donald Samini said.

Our source says each private-investigation firm will get 50,000 dollars, and a month to do its work.

The source says Sterling’s team already knows of cases where pregnant employees were allegedly discriminated against by the league.

Sterling’s lawyers have publicly called the NBA a bunch of hypocrites.

“Why are they beyond reproach? Why can’t the NBA come clean and tell us about their indiscretions?”

Donald Sterling was reluctant to investigate other owners, according to the source.

But his side has already called out other owners and players…

Including Lakers’ star Kobe Bryant being caught on TV calling a referee an expletive and an anti-gay slur.

The Orlando Magic owner supporting a ban on gay marriage and criticizing people with aids.

The source says they’ll also highlight the phoenix suns settling a lawsuit, that alleged the team wouldn’t hire women to do trampoline dunks and fire t-shirts to the crowd during breaks.

“While this is clearly an escalation in an increasingly bitter personal fight between Donald Sterling and the NBA, analysts say there are strategic and legal reasons for Sterling to pursue his own investigations.”

Analysts say Sterling could be building legal case to show inconsistencies in the way the NBA treats different owners.

Or he could be just trying to make his fine go away.

“If he wants to shake them up, he would follow the investigation and basically say ‘ok, behind closed doors, I have this evidence. Are you now going to remove the $2.5 million, or do we have to make this public?'”

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