“Cultural Chaos” takes over Easthampton on Saturday

EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – On Saturday in Easthampton, there was a cultural focus. “Cultural Chaos” was what it was called.

A day long festival in the downtown devoted to food, music, businesses and the arts. A few of the downtown streets were blocked off until 7 o’clock Saturday night.

Crowd totals were expected to be in the thousands. People from all over came to sample the good eats, and shop the many vendors that gave today a real cultural flare.

Families told 22News why they decided to make a day of it.

“We love seeing the bands. She loves watching all the kids walking around. Really liked the bikes and seeing all the BMX cyclists. Really fun,” said Chris Taft of Easthampton.

“I’m also planning on going to Art school next year and I heard this was a huge center for the arts so I wanted to come and see all the local artists and how people make their living,” said Erika Markson of Atlanta, Georgia.

People who attended the “Cultural Chaos” had the luxury of a great day under the sun to experience Easthampton in a unique way.

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