UMass: Off-campus incidents requiring discipline on the decline

AMHERTS, Mass. (WWLP) – The University of Massachusetts Amherst is hoping it’s the start of a trend. A year-end report shows a year-over-year decline in off-campus incidents requiring discipline of students.

The Dean of Students report covers September 1st to May 12th of the academic year that just ended.

The report found there were 367 incidents involving 436 students; as opposed to 468 incidents involving 637 students last year, a decline of 21 percent.

School officials said they were encouraged by the decline in behavior incidents off campus.

Amherst residents told 22News they’d like to see the trend continue, possibly by educating incoming student’s right from the start.

According to Harold Cannon of Amherst, “They’re teaching kids better as freshmen when they come in, so that’s a great thing.”

“Maybe a successful sports team would help too? I think that could be part of the solution,” said Stan Stempniewicz of Amherst.

The Dean of Students tracks off-campus violations of the “Code of Student Conduct,” and meets every week with Amherst Police. University sanctions range from reprimand to expulsion.

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