SPD: 4 drug dealers arrested in huge heroin bust

Image courtesy of Springfield Police Department

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Springfield Police say they arrested four drug dealers Thursday after an investigation into a heroin distribution factory.

Sandro Tavero Mora

Springfield Police Sgt. John Delaney told 22News that detectives investigated a home at 108 Groveland Street in the city’s Forest Park area for several weeks. Delaney said the detectives determined that one of the men was actively delivering large amounts of heroin across western Massachusetts. Police then set up surveillance and intercepted a drug deal, leading to the arrest of Sandro Tavero-Mora, also known as Jose “Laureano” Ayala. Officers found Tavero-Mora had 1,400 bags of heroin with an “Apple” logo imprinted on them.

Fabian Monegro
Fabian Monegro

Delaney said officers then searched the Groveland Street address and arrested three other drug dealers. At the address, Police found an additional 3,424 bags of Heroin with the same logo and 233 grams of pure Heroin ready to be bagged. They also seized $3,853 and drug paraphernalia.

The alleged drug dealers arrested are:

1) Sandro Tavero-Mora (also known as Jose “Laureano” Ayala), 43, of 108 Groveland Street, Springfield

2) Fabian Monegro (also known as “Yorki” Monegro), 24, of 11 Acushnet Avenue, Springfield

3) Jose Ariel Munoz-Almanzar, 23, of 150 Oakland Street, Springfield, MA

Juan Munoz-Vasquez
Juan Munoz-Vasquez

4) Juan Munoz-Vasquez, 28, of 11 Acushnet Ave., Springfield, MA

All subjects were held on high bail and will be arraigned in Springfield District Court Friday.

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