Precautions taken after rumor of threat at Hampshire Regional H.S.

WESTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – There is an increased police presence at Hampshire Regional High School Friday, after rumors about a threatened school shooting circulated among students on Thursday.

Interim Principal Kristen Smidy told 22News that school officials received reports late Thursday about the rumored threat to one particular student. She says that students had been texting each other back and forth that someone was going to bring a gun, or that there was going to be a shooting.

She says the rumor had also become rampant on social media.

State and local police investigated the matter thoroughly, but there was no indication that the threat was real, and none of the students interviewed could verify where the rumor originated.

To be safe, Smidy said that they put together a comprehensive security plan, and put a strong police presence in place at the school. She said that with the investigation and precautions, she is confident that everything is safe for students and staff.

Smidy says that she appreciates having families and students come forward with their concerns, she said that she would much rather have reports investigated and take action than have something tragic happen.

“Yes, there was concern, and understandably so,” she said.

Parents were informed of the school’s actions through an automated message that was sent out on Thursday night.

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