Keep up with the World Cup on your phone

NEW YORK (CNN) – As World Cup action kicks off, social media tools can help fans stay in the game with their smartphones when they can’t be in Rio or in front of a TV.

Photos: Opening ceremony and opening match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup

For soccer fans, Rio is the place to be right now. “Brazil, the World Cup, and parties together – you just can’t beat it.”

Millions of others will get wrapped up in the futbol frenzy, from afar. “It’s a world thing, everyone is into it, so it makes it more exciting.”

The global scope of the world cup means the big names in social media have tools with the goal of making it easy to follow game play, from anywhere.

Twitter users can show their team spirit with a hashtag in front of a country’s three-letter country code, like U-S-A, creates a hashtag icon, no limit to how many can appear within a tweet.

“I have a couple of teams Argentina, U.S. is the second one. So if one doesn’t win I’ll root for the other one,” said one fan.

Facebook has a page to keep tabs on what’s trending, including an interactive map showing top athletes and who’s rooting them on around the globe.

“The World Cup is fun to watch. You start to pull for teams that never thought you would pull for because you are not familiar with them.”

To learn more about those unfamiliar teams, one might Google them. The search engine has a hub dedicated to what’s trending among world cup matchups, plus maps that feature peeks inside all 12 stadiums, at field level.

“I do watch soccer sometimes but not on a regular basis. It’s something I can relate to because I played it. I know the positions, for the basics of soccer.”

For a comprehensive guide to world cup play, the official tournament app from FIFA has the latest news, a schedule of all 64 matches, and details on the 32 teams.

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