ISIS display terror through graphic propaganda videos

NEW YORK (CNN) – A chilling sight… Residents of Mosul, Iraq cheering on the takeover of their city by the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, a terrorist organization so brutal even Al-Qaeda has disowned them.

However, it’s not just portions of the population this group has won over. Far more worrying, they now control an arsenal of weapons left behind when Iraq’s army fled the scene.

In the video above, you see a terrifying display. ISIS proudly showing off missiles they promise to use on their march toward Baghdad. Scary scenes like this are nothing new when it comes to ISIS, the group has perfected propaganda techniques that showcase their strength and brutality.

Such as in a recent video, over an hour long, highlighting horrific killing sprees in Iraq, deliberately recorded on video. Bombings, executions, kidnappings and worse. This production displays glossy camerawork and high level production techniques as though ISIS were taking cues from Hollywood films such as zero dark thirty and the hurt locker to maximize the terror.

Analysts say it shows how effective a threat Isis is becoming.

“There is money behind it. It’s not just idiots; these idiots have somebody controlling them and providing them with equipment that is very expensive. You can’t just get it in a cave,” said Nadia Oweidat, non-residential fellow of New America Foundation.

One frightening sequence shows Isis fighters disguised as Iraqi soldiers setting up fake checkpoints.

In another scene, a man is hunted down. After being shot, he pleads for his life. “I’m just a driver,” he says, “just a driver.”

What appears to be the man in an Iraqi uniform is shown then, sheer brutality, a hail of bullets shot into his back. That’s not the worst of it. This man was accused of working with the U.S. He and his two sons forced to dig their own graves.

ISIS can only be beaten at their own game by showing their brutality. Their propaganda is the only tool that can defeat them. Experts say to judge by this video, the reign of terror shows no signs of abating, which is exactly what ISIS wants, even at the risk of their tactic backfiring.

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