Greenfield students talk to lawmakers about immigration

BOSTON (WWLP) – Freshmen from Four Rivers Charter School in Greenfield put on a presentation for lawmakers dealing with a very controversial topic: immigration.

According to Sen. Stan Rosenberg, (D) Senate Majority Leader, “Our future is going to be in very good hands with kids like these.”

Senate Majority Leader Stanley Rosenberg sat in the front row along with other lawmakers as students from Four Rivers Charter School presented their findings on immigration-related issues.

From economic policies, to education and employment, these kids covered it all and even got to ask their lawmakers some hard-hitting questions.

Lucia Mason of Four Rivers Charter School, “I thought that was so cool, like if I was at big public school I would have never gotten the chance to do that. It was incredible to be able to meet someone who has the power to change your government.”

Students asked questions about the federal deportation program Secure Communities and minimum wage. Afterwards, lawmakers even gave the students a tour of the State House.

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