Teen sent to hospital in school weed brownies incident

BLOOMFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) – Several students were involved in a weed brownie incident at a Bloomfield school that sent one teen to the hospital Wednesday.

Bloomfield police responded to the Metropolitan Learning Center at 1551 Blue Hills Avenue around 1:30 PM, to a 15-year-old male student who was hyperventilating at the school. Officers met with him in the school nurse’s office where the boy was in a stupor state.

The teen indicated that he had eaten a brownie containing marijuana which he obtained from another student. He was then transported to the Connecticut Children hospital for treatment.

After an immediate investigation, it was determined that there were several students involved.  It was difficult for officers to speak with students because the school was on exam schedule and students had already been released for the day.

However, officers were able to identify the 18-year-old male student who brought the weed brownies to school and sold them to other students with two accomplices, 16-year-old male and female students.

Eight students are suspected of eating the weed brownies. The students did purchase the brownies with the knowledge of what they were, police said.

School officials attempted to notify parents so students who ate them could be medically evaluated.

The incident is under investigation and multiple arrests are expected.

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