How this season’s weather is affecting farmers’ crops

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Spring got off to a damp and chilly start and that did delay many farmers from getting out into the fields early in the season.

But now that it has gotten warmer things have gotten better.

“We’re back seasonal I believe it’s good right where it’s at we leveled back out where we should be,” said Bob Johnson of Johnson Family Farm in Deerfield.

Even though things have improved it continues to be a bit cooler than normal.

Some plants like peppers could really use some sunshine and warmer temperatures to get growing.

“The colder weather has been hard on peppers and stuff like that you have to make little glotches and stuff like that to keep them warmer,” said Gen Dedam of Wilbraham.

“With a little bit of sunshine the ground is still moist and a little sunshine a little heat will get those vegetables going good,” Peter Furnari of Sixteen Acres Garden Center.

And there are some fresh vegetables available at area farmers markets. Things like lettuce, radishes, tomatoes and cucumbers are all out.

Some farms do have strawberries available while others are running about a week or two behind.

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