GOP Shakeup

(NBC News) Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor is stepping down from that position on July 31, after a stunning primary defeat Tuesday night.

Cantor’s loss to a Tea Party candidate highlighted a rift in the party. So they want to wrap this up quickly. They’ve set a vote for one week from today. As one member put it, “we’ve got to get this train back on track as fast as we can.”

His colleagues are already jockeying for position to replace him.

Cantor is backing the party’s number three – California’s Kevin McCarthy – to replace him.

“I think he’d make an outstanding majority leader,” said Cantor.

Two Texans are also in the running, Jeb Hensarling and Pete Sesssions.

The party votes June 19. Next Thursday. If McCarthy wins, Republicans will also need a new whip. Members are already throwing their names in the hat.

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