Good deed goes viral

KEWANEE, Ill. (KWQC) An Illinois Harley-Davidson dealer is doing his part to help troops serving overseas.

His good deed has now turned into a viral story of love and support.

Jaime Walters’ husband Christopher is on his third deployment with the Army.

She said she was floored when Dennis Packee sent back a letter and her payment to store her husband’s motorcycle while he’s away.

“Out of the kindness of his heart, to make room in his building for my husband’s bike, just gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside,” said Walters.

So thankful for the support, she posted the letter to Facebook, not knowing that thousands would see it.

Packee, of Reiman’s Harley-Davidson in Kewanee, said it was just his way of thanking Sgt. Christopher Walters for his service.

“We’ve got to thank our boys and our ladies over there,” said Packee. “They’re the ultimate sacrifice. I’m just throwing a little spot in this building, they’re giving a lot more than I could ever comprehend.”

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