Digital Tech Etiquette

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) –  Your online presence says a lot about you, and it can even damage your social or professional image! Tech Expert David Ryan Polgar from joined us in studio 1A with some digital eitquette tips.

Digital Etiquette Tips

Look at eyeballs, not iPhones: A major part of etiquette revolves around the nonverbal signals you are sending. If you are looking at your phone instead of the person you’re with, it is sending the signal that you are disinterested.

Don’t be cyber-creepy: Just because you can find out a ton of information about someone online doesn’t mean you should share it with them. It is viewed as “creepy” to know a great deal about someone who you do not have a deep relationship with. If someone we are meeting for the first time tells us how much they loved our family vacation photos, it can strike us as strange.

Permission before Posting: it is bad etiquette to post photos of others without their permission. Couples in particular should discuss what their social media policy is.

Do not pick up your phone during dinner: while a lot of focus regarding digital etiquette is on the younger generation, this is a faux pas frequently done by older folks used to a landline. Previously, a call on the landline was likely to be important. The ease of communication with smartphones has increased potentially frivolous calls. Unless you are expecting an important call that you notify people about, it is generally considered rude to pick up your cellphone at the dinner table.

Talk like a human: how you communicate on social media is different from how you communicate in real life. There is no need to say “LOL” when you can laugh out loud, and there is no reason sprinkle the word “hashtag” in your conversation.

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