Blueberries 101

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  – Blueberries are sweet, plump and juicy and they’re easier to grow than you may think. Master Gardener, the Green Thumb Guru Ed Sourdiffe joined us to show us how to do it!

How to grow blueberries 101:

1) Blueberry bushes like acid soil – so they are perfect for New England with our naturally occuring acidic soil

2)Plant in sunny location, but also can perform well in partial shade situation. Make sure the soil holds moisture well, so incorporate compost.

3)Give them at least 4-5 feet between bushes.

4)Use as ornamental plants instead of the invasive burning bushes. Blue berries have not only great berries, but they have excellent brilliant red foilage for Fall color.

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