Rain barrels conserve water, save money

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – If you’re looking for a way to water your garden and at the same time help conserve water, you may want to consider a rain barrel.

A rain barrel works by collecting the rain that falls on your roof. It takes the rain from your downspout, filters it from leaves, and stores it so that you can use the water for your plants.

This way, you can water your flowers, and at the same time lower your water bill.

Peter Furnari of Sixteen Acres Garden Center in Springfield explained for 22News how it works.

“Basically, it’s a simple fill-up on the barrel and usually there’s a spicket for on/off and a hose attached to the spicket, so you can use it to water your front beds or fill a water can and water your vegetables,” Furnari said.

In addition to reusing rain water, using rain barrels helps to reduce runoff that can carry pollutants into rivers and streams.

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