Man accused of killing and eating ex-wife

TENNESSEE (CNN) – A Tennessee man is accused of killing his ex-wife and dismembering her body.  Police say the man admitted to eating part of the victim after killing her.

They moved in here about 2010, the victim in the brutal murder, Lisa Marie Hyder and her ex-husband once lived in this house in Pikesville, Tennessee in Bledsoe County, before Vickie Kennan moved in.

“Lisa was a sweet girl, very pretty girl. I can’t believe anyone would want to do that to her,” neighbor Vicki Keenan said.

She was stunned when she heard her friend had been killed, her body mutilated and buried in a burn pile allegedly at the hands of 37-year-old Gregory Scott Hale at the home he shared with his parents in coffee county.

He even admitted to police to cannibalism after the murder.

“I think they’re very sick people, that’s what I think.” I think that anybody that would do that to somebody, they’re very sick and they do need help,” Keenan said.

There are some disturbing posts on the suspect’s facebook page. Back in February he gives a tribute and goodbye to serial killer Richard Ramirez who died. Ramirez was known as the night stalker. In April he jokingly asked his followers a question about becoming a cannibal. There is a photo of him wearing a mask and holding a long blade with a bone as a handle. Another photo of him with contacts and holding a blade.

Channel 4 news has also learned that hale once worked at a meat processing plant in the Hillsborough community. Sources who knew him when he worked there tell us he acted creepy and would take home bones, blood and eyes of animals.

“that’s terrible its gotta be a very sick mind to do something like that.,” Keenan said.

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