3…2…1…The Next Space Shuttle?

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (WESH) A Cape Canaveral hangar that was once home to the space shuttles is ready for the manufacture of a new space ship.

Boeing is already putting prototypes of the CST-100, a new Apollo-style capsule that could be ready in 2017, ship through tough tests, including dropping it on land and water.

The new capsule can carry up to five astronauts, and is designed to be much safer than previous capsules.

“We have an abort capability that we can use that was something the shuttle never had. We can abort from the launch pad up until the time we’re in orbit,” says Boeing’s Chris Ferguson, a former shuttle commander.

“We’re well on track for 2017 to fulfill our commitment to replace the American-Soyuz relationship so we can send Americans to space on an American space vehicle by late 2017,” Ferguson adds.

This summer NASA will decide which of the companies to fund for the job of taking astronauts to the space station again.

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