Why some choose pool water services

LUDLOW, Mass. (WWLP) – Pool season is finally getting underway, but filling your pool takes much more than just turning on the garden hose for several days.

Many turn to a pool water delivery service, like Capone’s Pool Water in order to fill their pools or top them off if the water level drops.

Louis Capone told 22News that he gets his water from various metered hydrants throughout western Massachusetts and Connecticut

Getting pool water delivered is a necessity for some people.

“A lot of people are on wells and they’re shallow wells to where they can barely take a shower, nevermind fill a pool. They don’t use that much water in a year. And the pool companies use me because it’s a lot quicker,” Capone said.

Capone told 22News that he charges anywhere between $225 to $450 to fill a pool, depending on its size.

It takes him 10 minutes to fill his truck with water, and 20 minutes to empty it into a pool, while it could take days to fill your pool with a garden hose.

Capone says that the hydrant water is clean enough to drink.

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