State law for insurance to cover infertility treatments

BOSTON (WWLP) – Massachusetts got an “A” for infertility insurance coverage. A mother-to-be told 22News how a state law made it possible for her to start a family.

One in eight couples has trouble getting pregnant, but thanks to a state law, expensive infertility treatments are now covered under insurance.

Infertility doesn’t just affect a woman physically, but emotionally and financially as well. Soon-to-be mothers came together to celebrate a state law that requires insurance coverage on expensive infertility treatments. Advocates also stressed the importance to keep the law, because without it, thousands of struggling couples won’t have the chance to start a family.

Tara Roberts, a Springfield Mother-to-be, told 22News, “It would be an absolute heartbreak if they didn’t keep this mandated coverage going because there would be thousands of women who probably, well everyone deserves to be a parent, but thousands of women who wouldn’t get the chance.”

Since the start of the law nearly thirty years ago, tens of thousands of families have been created through infertility treatments in Massachusetts.

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