Serial tickler strikes a Mass. neighborhood

BOSTON (WCVB) – The bizarre home invasions don’t involve any theft, just tickling.

“He had felt something on his foot, thought it was the cat, and he woke up and looked over, and the man was crouched right by his bed,” said David Master, the victim’s roommate.

The tickler, or a reasonable facsimile, hits again. Master said, “My roommate woke up screaming, and there’s a man in his room, and he had tickled his foot and was crouching by his bed.”

Detectives are assuming that it’s the same guy each time. It could be the tickler who has hit many times before.

Gino Caligore was a victim. “Apparently the tickler had come in, tickled him, and before my friend could like catch him or anything or do whatever, the guy ran out of the house.”

The ticklers best cover is the element of surprise. “I had just woken up. I didn’t get a good look. Couldn’t see him. He looked like a tall skinny guy,” said Master.

“I haven’t heard of any girls that have had the issue, but he has broken into this house now; this would be his third time breaking into this house,” said a neighbor.

The victims’ door was not locked when the tickler struck.

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