Are local malls prepared for emergency situations?

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s something we try not to think about, a shooting at a public place like a mall or movie theater. 22News found out if malls have plans in place, should this happen.

22News spoke with representatives at the Eastfield Mall in Springfield, the Holyoke Mall and the Hampshire Mall in Hadley. They couldn’t tell us much but they did confirm security and workers know specific protocol for many emergency situations. They’ve decided to keep those plans confidential.

Some people told 22News they think there should be more security in place at movie theaters or other public places, but that there’s not much we can do to fully prepare for a mass shooting.

Hecvian Garrido of Springfield told 22News, “Honestly, when something like that happens, we don’t think. I mean it goes blank, black or whatever you want to call it. It’s just, you want to save yourself and that’s about it.”

Many people have said since shootings began at schools and public places, they’ve been more aware of their surroundings. It does cross their minds when they enter a movie theater or mall now, but they’re not fearful enough to stay away from public places.

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