There are penalties for overgrown lawns

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Long grass is fine in a field, but in a front lawn overgrown grass can hurt the look of the entire neighborhood.

“If you don’t take care of your lawn it makes the whole neighborhood look bad. You walk by people’s houses, they’ve got foot long grass and stuff like that. It just makes it look like an unlivable place,” said Alfred Hawkins from Springfield.

Alfred Hawkins keeps his lawn in good shape.

On nearby Bay Street, the Code Enforcement department will be coming back in two weeks to potentially issue fines to a home which has overgrown grass as well as other code violations.

Before you have to pay any fine you typically get a warning or a notice from the city. If you fail to pay the fine or fail to fix the problem and mow your lawn, you could then be taken to court.

You’re responsible for the grass on your property and the grass in the tree belt surrounding your home.

According to Springfield’s Code Enforcement Deputy Director David Cotter, it’s not just about how the overgrown grass impacts the way the neighborhood looks.

“It’s also to keep away all the vermin that could be in there. The bugs, the insects, any kind of field mice or anything will spill over into the neighbor’s yard also,” said Cotter.

By rule, you have to keep your grass less than 6 inches tall in Springfield.

While code enforcement isn’t going around with a ruler, if they find your grass is too tall, their warning could be followed by a 50 dollar fine.

The fine starts at $50, but repeat offenders could get fines as high as $300.

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