Check Out Springfield Museums “Steampunk Springfield” Exhibit

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Steampunk is an artistic and design subculture which combines science fiction, history, fantasy and the Victorian era into a fanciful blend. The Springfield Museums offers a look into this fantasy world where steam-powered machines and technology of the 19th century merge with elements of contemporary time in their exhibit called “Steampunk Springfield: Re-Imaging An Industrial City.”

Writers, fashionistas, artists and inventors have embraced this art and aesthetic. One of the exhibits features steampunk bridal gowns, tuxedos and other accessories as part of a fashion design competition.

Steampunk empowers. The infusion of History, Art and Science allow us to travel back and forward in time, creating a virtual time machine. It is the act of Steampunking and repurposing that lets us experience a profound feeling and can help transform our own lives with meaningful connections to the past, present and future at the same moment in the same object.

WWLP 22News was one of the very first commercially licenses UHF television stations in the country. The exhibit features a steampunk camera, created to honor WWLP and this distinction.

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