Plan to plant wildflowers along I-91 held-up

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Taxpayers might not mind seeing their money be put to use, repairing the roads. But what about for planting wildflowers?

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation was looking at using taxpayer money to plant wildflowers in the median along I-91 in Northampton and Hatfield. It was more than just a beautification project, but it has since been delayed.

Mass DOT spokesperson Mike Verseckes told 22News that the plan was first approved in 2005, and was set to begin in 2019. He said planting native vegetation could cut down on mowing time. It could also help with drainage and restore natural resources to the way they were before construction began on the highway.

Still, some people that 22News spoke with said that there are much more urgent transportation needs in our area.

“Fix the roads instead of planting wildflowers because that’s the real problem. I just got all four my tires replaced a couple weeks ago,” Michael Tanner of South Hadley said. “The roads are always just going to disintegrate every winter, so if we could just keep putting the money towards fixing that, we wouldn’t have as many problems.”

Verseckes said that after more research was done, it seemed more cost-effective and beneficial to taxpayers that their money be spent on highway design and safety.

The project is still listed online as a possibility for 2019, but it’s expected to be delayed and possibly cancelled altogether.

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