Helping Your Teenagers Make Good Dating Decisions!

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – First crush, first love, we’ve all been there…but dating today isn’t like it used to be. With texting, social medial and pop culture, dating is more complex than ever before! Bill Corbett, Author of “Love, Limits & Lessons” shared tips on how we can help our teenagers make good choices now and throughout their lifetimes.

6 Tips for Parents

Share Experiences From Your Own Life.
Create comfortable conversations with your child so you can share experiences where you listened and followed your own intuition and strong feelings to a good outcome.

Help Them Learn How to Trust Their Own Intuition.
Talk openly about intuition – what it is, what it feels like, and how to respond to it. Invite them to come up with examples of times when they’ve experienced their own intuition.

Getting Respectful Treatment by Others.
Be a good role model on how to treat others, and set clear guidelines for your children on how they should expect others to treat them.

We Tell Others How to Treat Us.
Share with your children that how we act around others, how we dress, and even how we talk can set precedents for how others will treat us.

Create More Silence.
Create moments of peacefulness for you and your child. Ban media devices from their bedrooms and minimize unnecessary noise from televisions and radios.

Prayer, Meditation, or Just Moments of Silence.
Promote prayer or meditation with your family, or simply create moments of silence. Teach them how to find and listen to the peacefulness within.


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