Growing a Bonsai Tree!

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Are you interested in growing a bonsai? A bonsai tree can last you a lifetime, if properly taken care of. Doug Taylor, President of the Bonsai Society of Greater Springfield, showed us the art of taking care of a bonsai.

5 Tips For Taking Care of an Indoor Bonsai
1.There is no such thing as an indoor tree, when nighttime temperatures are 40 and above tropical trees prefer to be outdoors.
2. Check tree for water needs don’t water on a schedule. Trees dry out quicker when kept indoors because of low humidity.
3. Keep tree in a drip tray of pebbles that can be filled with water. Don’t let water level go above Bonsai pots drainage holes.
4. Water from above, wash foliage down, don’t “dunk water” unless tree has become overly dry.
5. Give tree as much light as possible. If only low light window are available supplement with grow lights.

5 Tips  For Taking Care of Hardy trees
1. Water, when needed, miss a watering and tree will Die.
2. Use porous fast draining soil.
3. Check your Bonsai daily.
4. Fertilize healthy trees, not unhealthy.
5. Give the correct growing environment. Sun is what makes a tree healthy not fertilizers.

What is Bonsai?
The word Bonsai is written as two kanji in Japan. The first is the symbol “bon” which means a tray the second “sai” which means to plant or planting. So Bonsai is a plant growing in a tray. We like to add to that definition “artistically styled”. The word bonsai is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese word penjing . Yes, like so many things, the art of Bonsai has it’s origins in China

Is it hard to care for a Bonsai?
Nope, though they do need to be cared for. I feel more bonsai die from neglect than from any other single cause.
Water your Bonsai when it needs it.
Fertilize your Bonsai when it needs it.
Give your bonsai the correct growing environment. Above and below the soil surface.
Treat your bonsai for pest and disease that occur.
Do these four simple things and you’ll have healthy bonsai that may outlive it’s owner

Will I have to water every day?
A Bonsai’s water needs depends on many things; species, pot size, soil mixture, tree health and location . So pay attention to the tree, if it’s using all the water you give it and is fairly dry, water it. During the summer it might need water twice daily. I try to avoid watering during the heat of the day, so it’s done mornings and/or late afternoon. Check the tree for it’s water needs, don’t get into a routine or watering schedule, keeping a tree to wet is almost as bad as too dry.

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