Governor Patrick released plan to tackle the opioid crisis

BOSTON (WWLP) – After hearing months of testimony, the issue is clear – there are not enough treatment services and many insurance companies do not even cover it. That makes it difficult for addicts and abusers to get clean, but that could change soon.

“People are finally seeing that it’s difficult to get into treatment at sometimes and that we want to make sure we get people healthy and we bring them to recovery so it’s really important for me that we take these final steps and get this legislation to the governor,” said the Special Committee on Drug Abuse and Treatment Options Chair Sen. Jennifer Flanagan.

Governor Patrick announced his “road map to recovery,” which includes a review of insurance coverage for treatment services. It also calls for the Department of Public Health to expand community-based and residential treatment programs to under-served populations.

Former Celtics player Chris Herren shared his own battle with drugs and alcohol and how getting treatment for addiction saved his life.

“I’m a huge fan of second chances. I think, you know there are a lot of people out there struggling and they deserve one. And they deserve a second chance; not only do they deserve a second chance, but their family deserves a second chance,” said Chris Herren.

Governor Patrick’s plan would also provide treatment to those leaving correctional facilities as they transition back into society.

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