Students forced to choose between playoffs and SATs

METHUEN, Mass. (WHDH) – Student athletes from Methuen and Chelmsford are being asked to make a tough decision this weekend, do they take the SATs they’ve already signed up for or join their teammates at a playoff game?

The two teams were set to play Thursday, but rain forced the MIAA to postpone the game and that’s when the conflict came to be.

“It seems like they’re playing athletes against students. SATs get us into college, if we do good on our SATs we do good in our future,” Methuen player Billy Haneffant said.

“This is the best we’ve done in 10 years. It sucks just having to stop here to take the test over big game,” Methuen player Patrick Menihane said.

Even school officials are torn about the decision their players have to make.

“It’s asking an awful lot of a student athlete to make a decision. You’re already signed up for your SATs, do you take the SATs or go to the baseball game in the morning?” Methuen Athletic Director Jim Weymouth said.

Methuen High School said they are prepared to cover the cost for their students who elect to play Saturday morning, but most of the players so they are committed to taking the test.

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