Different towns, very different rules on tag sales

FLORENCE, Mass. (WWLP) – Summer is the season for selling: tag sales and estate sales are frequent sights up and down the Pioneer Valley at this time of year. But before you price those items, it’s a good idea to check with your city or town clerk about possible permits and regulations.

In Northampton and Amherst, for example, there are no regulations restricting tag sales.

In Easthampton, however, you need to fill out a permit application. You are only allowed to have a tag sale for two days in a row, or for a total of four days in a year.

South Hadley also has a four day per-year restriction, and the town also prohibits you from putting signs on utility poles or trees.

22News stopped by an estate sale in the Florence section of Northampton Friday, to see if people there think there should be regulations at all.

“Some of the towns you have to get permits for. But free reign, I don’t know. Because of the traffic on the main roads, sometimes it’s hard for traffic going back and forth, and you’re parking on the side of the road. It’s hard,” Gary Wood of Florence said.

Holding a tag sale without a permit in a city or town that requires one could result in a fine.

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