State looking to mandate GMO labeling


NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – There’s a push in the state legislature to mandate the labeling of genetically modified foods. 22News is working to tell you how close it is to becoming a reality.

Supporters say they have enough backing from state lawmakers to pass a bill, including Amherst Rep. Ellen Story. The law would only take effect if a similar law was passed in at least 4 other states in the Northeast.

Supports say labeling GMO foods will allow consumers to make more informed choices.

Opponents say it’s just a scare tactic and that GMOs are safe, can produce more food on less land and reduce the amount of crop lost to disease.

22News went to Serio’s Market in Northampton. Shoppers there told us they’d welcome the labeling.

“Common sense would dictate that if the thing you are going to put in your mouth is altered by some external force, you would want to know that. It’s helpful public information that consumers should have access too,” said Marea Wexler of Northampton.

Lawmakers have until July 31st to get a bill through. That’s when the legislative session will end.

Vermont has a law requiring GMO foods to be labeled. It’ll go into effect in 2016.

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