Protecting yourself from the summer bugs

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – They can be very annoying and they can also leave you itching and scratching. The bugs are out, from mosquitoes to gnats they can all be quite a nuisance.

Artem Grushetskiy of Feeding Hills said, “Yeah my forearms are all bitten up and it’s just getting worse as time progresses and you get into the warmer weather.”

“Oh yeah, the mosquitoes are out the…. little gnat things and I haven’t gotten them in my yard fortunately but my friends have had problems with the ticks,” said Michael Bitgood of Agawam.

On sunny days, bugs will tend to hide in the shade, in bushes and wooded areas but when the sun sets they are all around.

However, if you’re planning an outdoor party there are some things you can get to help keep the bugs away.

According to Bruce Drewniany of the Rocky’s Ace Hardware in Agawam, “What you want to do is if you’re having a picnic, or an outing, in the evening you can get something like a yard guard spray. Go out an hour before your party’s going to start, and spray the perimeter of the property, paying attention to the woody areas, the dense shrubs around your yard where the insects are hiding out to take care of them.”

If you’re buying bug spray look for sprays that contain deet, they’re the most effective in keeping the bugs away.

Citronella candles will also help. Bug zappers are also available but they aren’t the most effective in keeping the bug’s way.

If you have standing water you can get mosquito dunks. They will kill the mosquito larva before they hatch.

Flea and tick sprays are also good for keeping ticks away and off of your dog.

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