Increases in annual temperatures throughout the country

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Scientists say temperatures are warming across the world, and there’s evidence that here in the Northeast we’re seeing more of an increase.

It may have been a pretty cool spring this year but new data shows that the average annual temperature continues to go up.

A study of national temperature records shows that the southwest and northeast is warming up faster than the rest of the country.

The study shows that in the Northeast, Maine and Vermont have warmed up the most. In the last 30 years their annual temperature has increased 2.5 degrees. Massachusetts, along with the rest of the northeastern states has seen their annual temperature go up at least 2 degrees.

Some people 22News talked to haven’t noticed much of a change over the years.

“No not really, when I was a kid and I worked summers in the farms 100 degree days were nothing we had those constantly so I don’t see much difference between now and 60 years ago,” said Michael Bitgood of Agawam.

The study showed that the annual average temperature for the country as a whole has increased by 1.2 degrees since 1984.

Some climate scientists say that milder winters and warm water in the north Atlantic are helping to push temperatures up here in the northeast.

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