Springfield shootings are prompting residents to move

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Following two overnight shootings, 22News spoke to residents in Springfield about their frustrations with how the violence is impacting their community.

Akbai Esa, from Springfield, told 22News he understands most cities experience issue of violence, but it doesn’t make it easier to hear about. “It’s unnerving, because this is supposed to be a civilized society and we are out shooting and killing each other like barbarians, so it’s very ugly,” Esa said.

Following Tuesday night’s shootings where one man was killed and two other victims were wounded, residents in and around say Springfield told 22News they’re concerned the issue of violence isn’t improving.

“I don’t come here at night, I don’t come here. Unless I’m going to a specific spot and I know it’s well protected,” Jeff Diamond, from Longmeadow, said.

Several other violent acts in just the last few months include an early April weekend where 5 people were shot, and a back to back stabbing and shooting happened on Worthington Street, the following weekend.

One father told 22News he’s looking to move out of his north end neighborhood because of an incident where shots were fired at the intersection of Calhoun and Dwight streets. That happened only a short time after his wife and their four year old son were at the Calhoun park, only a few short steps away.

“Two or Three minutes later, bang bang bang! So she just left right on time. It’s not the first time that it happened, it’s happened before,” Juan Luis Rivera, from Springfield, said.

In that shooting police found 15 bullet casings after two men shot at each other setting one car on fire.

The city’s Violence Prevention Task force told 22News they plan to meet with neighborhood council leaders to try and figure out the areas with the most violence and work with public safety officials to manage those spots.

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