Many believe the American dream is unattainable

NEW YORK (CNN) – The stock market is at record highs and the jobs recovery has been underway for several years, but a new poll shows most Americans say economic conditions are poor and the so-called American dream is out of reach.

The American dream is this national ideal, the goal of prosperity and success, but in CNN money’s American dream poll: 59% of people say regardless of how you define it, it’s not achievable.

Young adults are the most pessimistic; they’ve had a hard time finding good jobs, as the country recovers from the recession and there are already concerns about the next generation too.

63 percent of Americans say that most children in the U.S. will not be better off than their parents.

The problem is that while most people are managing to tread water, that’s not translating into solid financial security, but not everybody is on board with these findings, the Brookings Center says the American dream isn’t dead and that these negative perceptions aren’t necessarily supported by facts.

Since two major studies earlier this year showed that the ability to climb the economic ladder, has not changed significantly over time.

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