Survey: 1 out of 4 teens don’t use seatbelts

(NBC News) – About 2,500 teenagers die each year in car accidents. Safe Kids Worldwide surveyed 1,000 teenagers about their seat belt usage.

A quarter of teens don’t buckle up every time for a variety of reasons: they forget, or say they’re not going that far.

“They may decide that it’s just not that important to buckle up, or I don’t want my clothes to wrinkle, or maybe there are more kids in the car than there are seat belts that are available,” said Kate Carr, President and CEO of Safe Kids Worldwide.

The survey also suggests many parents are not setting good examples of safe driving. Kids who do not buckle up often have moms or dads who do not buckle up. And more than a quarter of surveyed teens said they’d witnessed a parent exhibiting another unsafe habit: texting while driving.

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