Gas station covered in foam after system malfunction

Liberty & Carew Streets in Springfield, Ma. Photo by Michelle Misiaszek

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It was not a fire, but rather a malfunction of a fire suppression system that sent foam falling down on a Springfield gas station Tuesday afternoon.

Dennis Leger, aide to the Springfield Fire Commissioner, told 22News that around 2:16, the suppression system for the Cumberland Farms station at Liberty and Carew Streets malfunctioned. Leger said that this is a fairly common thing at this time of year. Warm temperatures outside can cause the system to activate, as it does when it senses there is a fire.

22News received several Report It photos from our viewers, showing what it looked like at the station during and after the system went off.

Leger said that the fire suppressant system down a baking-soda based foam, which is harmless.

The station is currently closed as the foam is getting cleaned up and the health department checks to make sure that the foam didn’t get into any of the merchandise that was in the adjoining convenience store.

Leger said that the station cannot sell gas until the suppressant system has been refilled.

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