Pollen falling from the sky just like snow

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It looks like snow in June, pollen falling from the trees is accumulating on the ground and in the river.

Our cold winter delayed the growth of leaves on the trees, which has also delayed the tree pollen which is peaking now.

“With the amount of trees that were delayed, you’re getting more pollen all at once so you have trees that are normally done by now are still creating pollen,” said Andy Grondalski from 16 Acres Garden Center.

Pollen is a necessary part of tree and plant reproduction, many trees spread their pollen using help from the wind.

On dry, windy days the pollen count is usually much higher.

Pollen falling from the trees on its own is not unusual, but it’s the timing of it this year that IS unusual and unfortunately it’s having side effects with those who suffer from multiple allergies.

Dr. Robert McGovern is an Allergist in Springfield. He’s seen a dramatic increase in patients recently due to an overlap in allergy levels.

“You basically have the grass and the tree pollens at high levels at the same time, which caused a lot of people who have both tree pollen and grass pollen allergies to have a bad season,” said Dr. McGovern.

Maple, oak, poplar and beech trees are causing most of the symptoms, which include sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose and congestion.

Rain does reduce tree pollen levels.

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