Amherst bookstore closing after 38 years

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – A popular bookstore in downtown Amherst has closed its doors. 22News found out why, after 38 years, “Food for Thought” bookstore closed.

It’s a sign of the times. The store’s owners told 22News they simply couldn’t afford to maintain the independent shop, known for its unique selection of books.

With e-books becoming more popular, people aren’t buying hard copies of books as much as they used to. If they are, they’re buying online or from big chain bookstores.

Alan Sax runs a local cooperative market next door called “All Things Local.” He was upset to hear the store had closed.

“Yes it is easier to jump on the Internet and buy a book on tape or get things shipped to your door but if you want to supportthe local economy and keep people working locally, you know, it all comes around. The dollars get turned over, we support each other,” said Sax.

The “Food for Thought” owners said they had a fundraiser in December that helped them reach their financial goals. They reduced prices, but even still, they hadn’t been able to pay rent or payroll for the past month.

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