1/4 of teens still don’t buckle-up

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – A new survey reveals that a large number of teens are not using their seatbelts in the car.

The Safe Kids Worldwide survey says that about one quarter of teens don’t buckle up for reasons like: they forgot, or they’re not traveling very far.

The survey also found that the teens that aren’t buckling up often have a parent who doesn’t use a seatbelt.

Dan Cambra of Stockbridge told 22News that its hard to understand why more people don’t use a seatbelt when it only takes a second to put it on.

“it’s a simple thing, it’s not really that complex.  I used to have a type of vehicle that put the seatbelt automatically one me and that’s what got me in the habit of wearing the seatbelt myself,” Cambra said.

Each year, nearly 2,500 teens die in car accidents.


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