Bottle bill supporters could strike compromise with lawmakers

BOSTON (WWLP) – Efforts to expand the Massachusetts Bottle Bill that places a nickel deposit on drink containers has seen little progress in the past, but this year supporters plan to let voters decide.

“The coalition decided, let’s literally take the law into our own hands, here’s the initiative right here and we’ll bring it to the people if the legislature won’t do it,” said MassPIRG’s Janet Domenitz.

Supporters want to expand the 30 year-old Bottle Bill to cover water, juice and sports drink containers. As groups gather signatures and prepare for a possible November ballot question, a group of lawmakers is preparing recommendations on a compromise.

Expanding the Bottle Bill is supposed to make it easier for you to recycle, but others argue that it actually costs you more money.

“Oh, it costs businesses and consumers, I mean, to recycle containers through a redemption system is currently three times more expensive recycling through our comprehensive recycling programs in our municipalities,” said President of the Massachusetts Food Association Chris Flynn.

The Massachusetts Food Association believes comprehensive curbside recycling that covers all bottle types is the better and cheaper alternative.

The legislative group met last week to draw up a compromise and is expected to release their report sometime this week. 22News is closely following this story for you, and will report the changes as soon as they’re announced.

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