Monson church holds concert to remember 2011 tornado

MONSON, Mass. (WWLP) – The sound of music filled the Monson church Sunday afternoon that the June 1st, 2011 tornado had so severely damaged.

A concert featuring the music of Beethoven, Bach and Handel might seem slightly unusual to mark the occasion of a catastrophe, but not to the Pastor of the first church of Monson, Bob Marrone.

“We’re celebrating that we’re still here that we still are around and we still get to hear music out of these tremendous instruments,” said Marrone.

The church hopes to raise thirty thousand dollars to repair it’s more than one hundred year old organ that was damaged during the twister three years ago. There was hardly anyone in church for this concert of remembrance, who didn’t suffer serious damage. Donna and Thomas Gilman will never forget that terrible day.

“We were impacted because we took a direct hit, we live downtown. We lost the roof, we lost everything in the house, we lost our swimming pool, lost our garage,” said Donna Gilman.

The outside of the church would still have the scars if not for the steeple having been replaced during the past year. During the days following the tornado, the first church of Monson had been a central location to help tornado victims. As Pastor Marrone put it, he wanted an anniversary event that was hopeful instead of somber.

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