Program could provide nutritious meals to families in homeless hotels

BOSTON (WWLP) – Space is usually very limited for families living in homeless hotels, and meals tend to come out of a microwave.

“It’s tough how they cook off hot plates and it’s just a very difficult situation so anything that we can do to provide nutritious meals to these folks, I would certainly be in support of,” said Joint Committee on Housing Chair Kevin Honan (D-Brighton).

House members support a pilot program that could bring healthier, more nutritious meals to children living in homeless hotels. The idea is to have farmers, grocery stores and restaurant owners find ways to provide fresh meals for western Massachusetts families. State leaders stressed that homeless hotels are temporary. These meals are meant help very low-income families get by until they find a more stable home

“We’re working with each family everyday to make their lives better while they’re in the shelter, but then more importantly to get them back on their feet into permanent affordable housing,” said Department of Housing and Community Development Undersecretary Aaron Gornstein.

The pilot program will be launched in western Massachusetts if it gets included in the final state budget.

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