June 1st tornado damage still visible in Monson

MONSON, Mass. (WWLP) – If you didn’t know what happened in Monson, driving through the center of town you probably wouldn’t suspect anything.

People walking the dogs along the main drag, and the mailman on his daily delivery route, but look a little closer and the scars are all around.

From Ely Road, where the twister toppled huge trees and left a swath on land bare, to Bethany Road, where the tornado’s fury decimated nearly every home. Most homes have been rebuilt, but in other spots, there are empty lots.

Worse than the physical scars is the emotional toll. Amene Hashim of Monson said, “If you come down Ely Road you relive it because you can see its path.”

Richard Varney of Monson told 22News, “We’re talking about Monson Strong here. They really came together. Everybody chipped in. I had people volunteering to come up to my house and help me clean up. They were bringing the sandwiches from the church. It was magnificent.”

Monson’s road to recovery will continue for years to come. People told 22News that a tornado may have destroyed a landscape but it hasn’t destroyed their sense of community.

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