Discover the Holyoke Children’s Museum

HOLYOKE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  The Children’s Museum at Holyoke is dedicated to its mission to enhance the educational and cultural awareness of all children through the arts, the sciences, and the world around them.  The Museum features participatory exhibits that invite interaction and programs which promote learning and self-discovery.  We went there to see what it’s all about.

Children’s Museum at Holyoke
444 Dwight Street
Holyoke, 01040

About the Children’s Museum at Holyoke:

Parents and adults who accompany children to the Museum are strongly encouraged to participate in the exhibits and have fun and enjoy the amazement through the little ones eyes.

Beginning with our signature exhibit, the Curvy Climber, you can navigate your way throughout the Museum and return over and over again and never tire of watching the little ones explore and play.

At the Children’s Museum, exhibits are designed by education professionals (all former kids themselves) and are hands-on. Parental or Adult interaction is strongly encouraged as kid play, discover and learn with you.

The staff at the Museum work very hard to keep the exhibits fresh, clean and neat.  We rely on our guests, children and the adults that accompany them to help us maintain the exhibits by  picking up after your children enjoyed a particular area.  This truly will help us to maintain our reasonable price structure so that everyone can enjoy this  treasure.


  • Curvy Climber
  • Curvy Crawler
  • Water Table
  • Ambulance and Vet Clinic
  • Frozen Shadow Room
  • Imagination Playground
  • Wishing Well Spiral Coin Table
  • Grocery Store, Kitchen and Diner
  • Theater
  • Maxi Rollways
  • Forklift
  • TV Studio
  • Fire Station
  • Mail Room
  • Bubble Table
  • Look Out Tower
  • Magna Tile Table

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