Brimfield is still far from full tornado recovery

BRIMFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – After crossing the Connecticut River, the June 1st tornado moved through Springifeld, Wilbraham, Monson and Brimfield.

Three years later, Brimfield residents continue to face this painful reminder every day, an empty plot of land in the middle of Brimfield State Forest, tree stumps and branches litter the land everywhere.

The tornado moved west to east. It came from Monson, over the hill, and you can follow this tornado path, that you can clearly see even three years later, all the way to Hollow Road.

Ron Weston lives on Hollow Road and operates a family-owned business there. He lost just about everything because of the tornado, but Weston told 22News government agencies and lenders keep turning down his request for help.

“You had a tremendous loss. You had $778,000 of loss in materials, buildings and equipment, but because it’s your business and you lost your business, you have no income, so we can’t help you. Goodbye. And hung up the phone,” said Weston.

A frustrating three years of dealing with the aftermath. Many people hope some form of help will arrive soon.

Weston said, “The horses would get killed out there. The nails. The debris and everything else. I’ve got no way of cleaning it up by myself.”

Shirley Hard of Brimfield said, “It all depends on how much help we can get, how much they are willing to replant. You know, there’s a lot that could be replanted. Nothing left here. It’s ridiculous…It’s unreal.”

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