Unusually cool weather on Wednesday

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – At Forest Park in Springfield the sun was shining and after a chilly start, temperatures started to warm back up Thursday afternoon.

On Wednesday temperatures were running around 20 degrees below normal.

The high on Wednesday was only 54 degrees at Westover in Chicopee. Our average high for this time of year is 74 degrees.

Temperatures Thursday morning were also well below normal.

“Last night it was like 40 degrees, I can’t believe I had to turn the heat on again and we’re at the end of May and today is a beautiful day and it’s going to go up 40 degrees, that’s amazing. Joseph Mercolino of Springfield.

It got all the way down to 37 degrees at Westover. Our average low for this time of year is 51.

“I can tell you it’s very difficult to acclimate to it. Normally you need a few weeks to adjust to the temperature but this has been difficult because it keeps taking these drops,” said Dick Barker of Springfield.

“Yeah usually it would be hotter right now but it ain’t that hot but it’ll get there,” said Anthony Burge of Springfield.

We did have temperatures in the 80s earlier this week and as we head into June it’s likely we’ll see more warm days.

So far this May the temperature hasn’t made it to 90 degrees.

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