Caught on Camera: Flying saw blade injures woman

NEW YORK (CNN) – A freak accident injured a woman in New York City Tuesday; she was hit by a flying saw blade being used at a construction site.

A frantic scene on 9th avenue, that quick flash is a giant saw blade flying through the air landing on the sidewalk. The video shows a woman drop to the pavement after being struck in the leg.

“All of the sudden everyone started screaming, move get down.”

She was hit with this: A 3-foot wide construction saw blade used to cut through cement. Matt Bisi is the one in the white shirt and black backpack dropping to the ground. He was walking right behind the woman.

“I turned and saw the blade come flying down the sidewalk. She was shaking, she was bleeding,” Bisi said.

The terrifying scene unfolded around 8:30 this morning. Another camera angle shows a crowd gathered around the injured woman. Construction crews have been working for the past two years on this stretch of 9th avenue near 48th street to update the water mains underground.

The city says safety inspectors are investigating and that they have directed the contractor to not use any other saws on the job site until the equipment is inspected and confirmed to be in proper working condition.

Matt Bisi still in disbelief that he so narrowly escaped being struck.

“This morning I was shaking for a good half hour because it came pretty close to hitting me.”

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