Date night: Who’s paying?

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – In a world where there are more ways to communicate than ever, one might think it’d benefit dating.

From the days of courtship in the family parlor, to meeting and falling in love online, there’s no denying the dating game has changed. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gotten easier — parts of the practice still seem very much like a game. Like who’s paying? According to a new Associated Press poll, 7 in 10 adults say you shouldn’t expect a date to pay for everything — but the guy should still pick up the first check.

“I don’t think it should be one single person. It puts stress on them and what if they can’t afford it? You can’t go out on dates because they can’t afford it,” said Brittany Phillips from Springfield.

In this digital world we live in, it only makes sense the internet would come into play. A third of Americans feel it’s okay to do a little online digging before a first date.

“For a lot of people they feel the need to look through their life history. Sometimes it can take a little away from it because you know everything about the person or you think you do,” Phillips added.

And there’s a new uncomfortable conversation to be had by young dating Americans today. They generally carry a lot more student loan debt than generations before them, and less than a quarter of American adults feel comfortable dating debt.

“You don’t want to marry someone bringing on a ton of debt; you don’t want to do that to someone. Also in the same respect you don’t want someone bringing theirs on and get married and it potentially being your responsibility as well. It’s hard now it’s definitely changed,” said Meghann Crandall from Springfield.

Men and women surveyed agreed they cared most about personality when considering a date; but men also prioritized looks, while women felt more strongly about a man’s financial status and career goals.

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