What companies are collecting your data online?

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – If you’ve ever received a coupon or seen an ad on a webpage that seemed specifically catered to your interests, it most likely was.

Companies collect billions of pieces of information about Americans so that they can better target them with ads and offers.

Now, the Federal Trade Commission wants more transparency so people know whose collecting information and what exactly they’re learning.

However, the information comes from public sources, so some consumers say it’s kind of expected.

Ashley Bogle of Springfield told 22News, “I kind of feel in a way we are a society, with Instagram and Facebook, everything is so public. If you’re putting yourself out there you should expect to see some sort of return on that.”

The FTC wants there to be a central database where people can see who the data brokers are and what exactly they’re tracking and saving. They also want legislation giving people the power to opt-out.

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