Study: Working away from a desk has health benefits

LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP)–A new study says your work environment can directly impact your health and income. 22News found out what work environments may have the most benefits.

For many, working away from an office or desk has its perks.

“It’s just great exercise, you get out in the sun a lot, you get a good tan going, you see and meet a lot of people. It’s just good,” Jim Mclaughlin, who works at his family’s business, Green Grass Irrigation, said.

Now, a survey reported that those who work away from a desk are less likely to have complaints about their work environment and that non-desk work has some health benefits.

The survey found people who don’t work at a desk are less likely to be overweight, but that the high activity level of those kinds of jobs causes non-desk workers to have higher burnout rates and have higher rates of injury or illness.

The survey says a career at a desk can also come with its own set of perks.

Krissy Schaffer, from Longmeadow, told 22News she can relate to some of those perks. “I feel like working at a desk you have your own space while you’re working, you can focus more, you have no distractions, nothing bothering you,” Schaffer said.

The career builder survey also found that those whose work keeps them at their desk for most of their day generally earn higher salaries. They also said they are more content with their paycheck than those whose work keeps them outside the office.

The survey reported that both people working at a desk, or away from one, were equally likely to experience high levels of stress.

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